Qi Yang
Qi Yang


                        Selected Group Exhibitions


1988                Gallery Lommel (with Japanese artists), Leverkusen, Germany
1989                Gallery Lommel, 

1990-92           Workshop Gallery, Heidelberg, Germany
1992                National Museum Jihlava, CSFR

                        Gallery of Young Artists, Prague
                        Art Association, Budweis
                        Works by international Artists and famous persons, Castle Museum,

                        Heidelberg, Germany
                        Art Association Eisenturm (Exhibition with Mainzers' Art Price

1993                Museum Simferopol (BBK Heidelberg), Ukraine
                        Culture and History Museum, Duisburg, Germany
                        Greiffenhorst Castle, Krefeld, Germany
                        City Museum, Bautzen

1994                Kurpfälzisches Museum, Heidelberg, Germany
                        Art Association, Kirchheim Unter Teck, Germany
1995                German Health Museum, Dresden, Germany
                        Arctic Foundation (Exhibition: "De Huld van De Witte Dame"), 

                        a project by Philipps company for photo works, Eindhoven, Germany
                        International Ink Painting, China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou China
1996                Oberösterreichisches Museum, Linz, Germany
                        Seedamm-Culture Centre, Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland
                        Halbturn Castle, Burgenland, Austria, Germany
                        Gallery Maul, Ladenburg, Germany
1997                'In the Same Time' (a countrywide project of the exhibition) Castle

                        Museum, Heidelberg, Germany
                        'Painting-Stoff' (Artists of Baden-Württemberg and of National Artists'

                        Association), Germany
                        The Fourth International Photo Exhibition Days, Herten, Germany
                        Gallery Espace Suisse, Strasbourg, France
1998                Portfolio Night (with Markus Bydolek and Raimund Zakowsy), Museum

                        for  Photography, Braunschweig, Germany
1999                Gallery Baal, Bielefeld, Germany
                        Museum Villa-Rot, Burgrieden-Rot-Ulm City Gallery, Hefei, China
                        Great Exhibition NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany
2000                Gallery Michael Schliepper, Hagen, Germany
                        Great Exhibition NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany
2001                Gallery on the Work, Leverkusen, Germany
                        International Photo days, Herten, Germany
                        Great Exhibition NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany
2002                "Zero", Gallery Hai Shang Shan, Shanghai, China
                        Shanghai International Environment Art & Sculpture Exhibition,

                        Shanghai Great Exhibition NRW, Art Palace Düsseldorf, Germany
2003                'Tour Positions", Gallery Andersen, Zürich, Switzerland
                        "Painting, Painting, Painting", Shanghai-Art-Gallery, Shanghai, China
2004                "Three Dimensions", Gallery Andersen, Zürich, Switzerland
                        "Peace", National Museum of Modern Art Seoul, Korea "                           “Expressing Document”, Northwest Museum, Art Academy Xi'an, China
                        "Dialog with Folk Art", Northwest Museum, Art Academy Xi'an, China
2005                “Beijing International Biennale", Beijing
2007                "China’s Next Wave", Gallery Traverse, Munich

                        “Approach”, Cube Gallery, Beijing, China
2008                “Fine Arts of Olympic”, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
                        “Approach 2”, Cube Museum, Beijing, China
                        “New Medium” Artist Association Malkasten, Düsseldorf, Germany
                        “Female’s Image”, Castle Halbturn, Burgenland, Austria
                        “Rhein-Yellow River”, Scientific Centre Germany, Bonn, Germany
                        “China’s Revision”, Ludwig Museum, Koblenz, Germany
                        “International Paper Art”, Art Gallery of World Journal, New York, USA
2009                “China’s Revision”, East Station Gallery, Beijing, China
                        “New Art from Düsseldorf – Three Germans without Double Bass,

                        Cube Gallery, Beijing, China

2010                “Hortus Medicus”, Art Association, Bad Salzdefurth, Germany
2010                 Contemporary Ink Painting, Alisan Art and Art Fair, Hong Kong

                         Art Fair Verona – special video show, Verona, Italy

2011                 Flower and Chaos, Video Box, Milan, Italy
2012                 Beijing Biennale, Beijing

                         Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai

                         “Undoing shuimo”, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Museum

                         of Modern Art Beijing 

                         Where do you come from? Gallery Philine Cremer Düsseldorf 

 2013                Paper Works, Gallery Biesenbach Cologne

                         New Chinese Ink Painting, 798 Liudong Art Museum

                         New German Expressionism, Zhan Zhou Museum, Peking

2014                 "Fate" /Qi Yang - Cai Chufu (double solo shows), Castle Dyck Jüchen

                         Paintings im transkultural thialog, Culture Station Eller, Düsseldorf

                         Neo-Expressionistic Paintin and Abstract Figurationg at China Art                                       Museum Shanghai

2015                 Art Basel - Hongkong 2015, Gallery Alisan Arts Hongkong

                         Invitation to the 85´New Art Tide of China /1985-2015, New Art                                           Space Art Shanghai

2016                 Respiration of Water, Liu haishuo Art Museum, shanghai

2017                 Stones from Another Mountains, Academy Franz-Hitze-Haus Münster                                 Liu Haishuo Art Museum, shanghai and  Ludwig Museum in Koblenz

                               Original Print Art Fair, Royal Academy of Arts, London

                         China/Dialogue-Transmission, Ludwig Museum Koblenz

                         Parallel, Gallery Geuer, Düsseldorf


2018                 Liaohe Art Museum, Panjin, China

                         Surpass, Wutong Art Museum, Shanghai                              


Scholarship, Award, Sponsorship:

1990-1993        Scholarship awarded by Heinrich-Böll Foundation in Cologne, Germany
1992                 Mainzer Art Award Eisenturm (Participle of the exhibition).
2000                 Sponsorship of the exhibition awarded by Art Foundation of state

                         NRW; Sponsorship of the exhibition awarded by BASF International

                         Hong Kong; Sponsorship of the exhibition awarded by YPC Nanjing;
2004                 Sponsorship Studio of Art Promotion through Bethe Foundation in



Sponsorship of the exhibition awarded by Art Foundation of state NRW;

Sponsorship of the exhibition awarded by Brennscheidt Foundation Wuppertal; Sponsorship of the exhibition awarded by Identity Foundation Düsseldorf;

Sponsorship of the exhibition given by ARTs Düsseldorf.



Works in public collections:

British Museum, London
Stadt Heidelberg
Kunsthistorisches Institut der Universität Heidelberg
Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Heidelberg
Ethno-Expo/Ethnologische Ausstellungen, Zürich
Internationale Kunstsammlung SAP
Kunststiftung des Museums Villa Rot, Ulm
China Akademie für Bildende Kunst, Hangzhou
Akademie der Künste, Universität Anhui
Kunstsammlung der Bank Cial, Zürich
Bayer AG / Leverkusen
Ministerpräsidium Tübingen
Museum Zhu Jizhan, Shanghai
Kunststiftung La Roche, Basel
Bethe Stiftung, Wuppertal
Hasso Plattner Förderstiftung, Potsdam

Duolun Museum of Modern Art Shanghai

Fujian Art Museum, Fuzhou


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